Staff Member (per hour)

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One trained staff member

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One trained staff member


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Size is L x W x H

You will need an area x plus 2ft each side for this product.

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Booking is made simple and easy for you, contact one of our team on the following methods and they will answer any questions you may have:


We are open 7 days a week, 8am – 8pm

We delivery to all areas of Leicestershire, please check our delivery page for terms and charges.

If you are outside of Leicestershire please contact one of our team and they will be able to advise you.

Standard delivery for outdoor hire is 7-10.30am delivery and 5.30-8pm collection, there is an overnight charge of £20 should you require overnight or later collection.

We do not accept any responsibility for damages to property due to poor access, therefore please ensure there is adequate space and clear passage.

Venue hire we work around times suitable to you and your chosen venue, but please allow 20mins prior to event to ensure speedy set up.

If you are booking a castle for outdoor hire please make sure there is sufficient space and the area is free from obstruction.

We require clear area of an additional 6ft in length for fan and mats and an additional 3ft in width.

Please make sure you state the grounding the castle will be going on as sandbags will need to be provided if not on grass.

Most castles (except slides) come with a built in shower cover.

It is important to check dimensions and height of the venue to make the castle is suitable, as you are fully responsible for the castle fitting in required area, if space insufficient due to misinformation this is still chargeable. Please see our venue page for helpful links in your area.

Minimum £20 per inflatable required on booking for all venue bookings and bookings over the 10mile radius, contact office for payment details

Payment is cash on delivery or bank transfer at least 48hours before so cleared funds for the day.

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy, any cancellation after this period will be fully chargable.

The use of silly string and such is prohibited on and near all castles and equipment, this is extremely damaging to the castles and equipment, it can not be removed and stains therefore any evidence of this will be chargeable for the replacement of the castle.